Research themes

Theme 1: Optimising the provision and quality of donor organs for transplantation

Theme 2: Researching the Impact of Organ Transplantation on the NHS and Society

Theme 3: Improving the longevity of the transplanted organ while minimising side-effects of Immunosuppressive drugs

Theme 4: Exploring the potential of cellular transplantation in regenerative medicine

Research Activities in the Institute of Transplantation

Basic Science Projects

Translational Science Projects

Clinical Research Projects

Clinical Trials both Commercial and Investigator-driven

Health Services Research and Social Policy Projects

Heart Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support

Evaluating patient experiences of the ventricular assist devices (VADs)

VADs, Cardiac Repair and Cardiac Regeneration

Innovations to increase the supply of donor hearts for transplantation

Renal Transplantation

Improving access to kidney transplantation for those on dialysis

Optimising early function in kidneys from an expanded donor pool

Prolonging renal allograft survival

Lung Transplantation

Increasing numbers and quality of donor lungs for transplantation

Tackling chronic lung allograft dysfunction

Studies into lung repair and regeneration

Liver Transplantation

Improving evaluation of liver donor organ quality

Evaluating risk in recipients through cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Whole Pancreas and Islets Transplantation

Establishment of an Islet autograft programme

Improving the quality and viability of whole pancreas and isolated Islets

Assessing the clinical impact of Pancreas and Islet Transplantation